Manifestación ilgeal de ERC en Ginebra

  • Start: 08/02/2019 00:00
  • End: 08/02/2019 00:00

On Friday, February 8, 2019, Marta Rovira, former secretary of the ERC – the Catalan Republican Left – once again this year brought all the leadership of its political party from Barcelona to mark a media and symbolic blow on the place of Nations, in Geneva.

Clarification: the president of this formation is in preventive prison for his participation in the attempted coup d’état in the Catalan autonomy on September 6 and 7, 2017.

At that time a short majority of pro-independence representatives had violated the Spanish constitution, the status of autonomy – the same one that had allowed them to be elected – and the qualified majority of two-thirds required in Catalonia. So to get rid of the opposition and force a new law of disconnection from Spain,

This in the most total denial of the majority of the Catalan population who does not share the views seditionists. The ratio is about 2 million in favor of independence against 5.4 million who feel both Spanish and Catalan and so are tied to double culture.

This Friday, Marta Rovira’s maneuver was to hold a press conference on the iconic Place des Nations, at the height of the famous chair manifest against the use of anti-personal mines.

Surrounded by its dome, thirty people who flew with EasyJet the same morning, and as only media, the public Catalan TV3, separatist propaganda organ, financed with the taxes of all Catalans.

 The illusion given by the imposing alley of flags, in front of the UN headquarters, is still good for a marketing plan. Worse, for an action of manipulation of the masses of which the Catalan separatist apparatus, of criminal origin, has the secret.

The place offers a solemn atmosphere and suggests a formal visit that actually does not take place. 

As once tried to make us believe, the journalist of the daily “The Time”, Adrià Budry Carbo, with his article on the elected and separatist Catalan, also member of the ERC, Roger Torent: “In Geneva, Catalonia push his plan D.

“Note, in passing, the misleading title of paper Budry Carbo! Catalonia can not be mentioned when we know that the “independentist” do not represent half of the Catalan population of 7.5 million inhabitants. 

Except that … use of this place is subject to authorization. The request is to be made to the department managing the public spaces of the City of Geneva.

A phone call to the mentioned service then allowed to learn that no event of this hub was announced in the City of Calvin. Once the dome was set up for propaganda, the police were called to enforce the law and regulations. No offense to Mrs. Rovira who fled the Spanish justice in the winter of 2018 to find refuge in the charming Sardinian city of Carouge (GE). While loudly claiming her intention to continue her destabilizing activities against the Spanish democracy, from Switzerland.

We can thank the employee of the city service and the Geneva police officers for having intervened wisely, despite a “naïve” and romantic political and journalistic political climate that gives priority to the executioner.

We are happy to have confirmation that the law is the same for everyone.

However, one wonders further how long Geneva will show itself so accommodating with a separatist apparatus who goes against Catalan population through nationalism, supremacism, linguistic and street discrimination, political police and mass manipulation. Should we recall the recent appeals of the unelected president of the Generalitat ** Quim Torra to take the Slovenian way in Catalonia? That is to say, the war!

It is also unusual for a political party leadership to hold meetings abroad. Between the basic principle of freedom of expression and proportionality, our authorities seem to have missed a chapter.


Marta Rovira once again brought her entire staff (people) to Geneva, along with the Catalan public television TV3, a propagandist instrument with a colossal budget to lie.

To mark a strong political and symbolic act in the Place des Nations, Geneva.

After I checked with the public spaces service in the city of Geneva I learned that no authorization had been issued.

I immediately called the police and interrupted the protest.

The laws are the same for all. Undoubtedly, we have been far too complacent with individuals who are fomenting coups, which encourage indoctrination, corruption, political police and suprémacisme.

There’s nothing to negotiate with the bandits. Only, enforce the law.

Francois Meylan
Catalunya people of Spain
Lausanne, 8 February 2019